Dental Cleanings and Oral Health Evaluations

Dentistry has long been a critical component in human health and current studies have shown that it is equally important for the longevity and health of our companion animals. Everyday at Pawsitive Pet we have clients that come into our practice and they complain of a foul odor coming from their pet's mouth. This finding by the owner usually indicates that some form of dental disease is occurring. It may be in the form of simple gingivitis or as complex as the necessity for removal of abscessed teeth. It is important to have a veterinarian diagnose and treat this condition for the best and most long lasting treatment solutions.

Dental X-rays are a cornerstone for assessing, diagnosing and treating human dental conditions. Because over 50% of tooth disease can live below the gum line, assessment can only be made using dental X-ray techniques. In our companion animals the same is true, it is a standard of care today to have your pet evaluated using dental X-rays.

At Pawsitive Pet we can offer you these High-Tech dentistry services all in the comfort of our specialized veterinary unit. Make an appointment today to see our skilled veterinarians so your pets can have a more comfortable tomorrow.