Nutritional Tip "A Heavy Topic That Keeps Getting Heavier"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our pets could live longer?  Today we have a reason to hope that this may actually happen and the answer might just live in the food we feed our pets.

Nutrition can be defined as the relationship of food and nutrients to health. Proper nutrient intake is essential to normal development, overall health, disease prevention and weight management in our companion animals.

Obesity can be defined as accumulation of body fat in excess of what is necessary to maintain optimum condition and health.

Obesity may contribute to the development and progression of osteoarthritis because of excess forces it places on joints and cartilage. We also understand now that adipose tissue is "metabolically active" and "inflammatory".

"A long-term study was performed on 48 Labrador retrievers from 7 litters divided into 2 dietary groups. One group was fed an adult maintenance dog food and the second group was fed the same diet at 75% of the amount. Restricted fed dogs lived on average 1.8 years longer, weighed less, had better body condition scores and had longer delay to treatment of chronic disease including osteoarthritis."(1)

Therefore maintaining optimal or slightly lean body condition may be associated with many benefits including perhaps the extension of your pet's life and quality of life.

  See us today for a nutritional consultation, exam and get on the road to having a healthier, happier, more comfortable companion.

1. Joseph Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM), DACVN